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Apple News+ Four Months Out: Proceed With Caution

Why publishers should be cautious about the latest self-proclaimed savior of quality journalism.Read More >>


Time to “Social-ize” Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy

To engage with your prospects on an impactful scale that's both measurable and manageable from a budgetary perspective, social advertising is mission critical. Here are three ways real estate marketers can build a successful social strategy.Read More >>

How to Build Credibility in Your Healthcare RFP Response

The healthcare industry is evolving rapidly and digital marketers who produce the content that is often included in an RFP response are on the front lines when it comes to securing new customers and locking down important revenue streams. Read More >>

VIDEO: How Deep Learning Works

MerlinOne CLO David Tenenbaum explains deep learning as analogous to teaching a child to learn with labeled images in this clip from his presentation at Digital Experience 2019.Read More >>

Tips for Creating ADA Compliant Content

The WCAG 2.0 guidelines and the newly-minted 2.1 updates are a useful starting point for digital publishers to make their content more accessible. According to these guidelines, publishing accessible content involves adhering to four key principles. Here are some quick general tips for addressing each of these principles.Read More >>

Using Machine Learning and Facial Tracking to Help Brands Accurately Reach Diverse Audiences

Combining machine learning, sentiment analysis, and facial tracking offers one promising way to decipher crucial variations in response to ads across different demographics. Read More >>

VIDEO: From DX to CX--The Omnichannel Technology Stack Model

Real Story Group Founder Tony Byrne explores journey orchestration and decisioning for omnichannel content platforms in this clip from his presentation at Digital Experience 2019.Read More >>

Link Building Marketplace: Should You Participate?

Link building can be an important part of SEO strategy, but Google frowns on many of the most commonly used link-building techniques. Here, we weigh the pros and cons of the link building marketplace. Read More >>

Email Targeting: How Not to Get Caught with Both Hands in the Cookie Jar

By placing ads in publishers' email newsletters, brand advertisers not only benefit from a captive subscriber audience, but they also get built-in tracking precision in an affordable CPC model.Read More >>

Four Ways to Build a Dynamic Content Marketing Machine from Scratch

Consider these four key elements to build a dynamic content marketing program. This includes developing your brand voice, understanding your audience and channels, assigning roles within your team, and taking calculated risks.Read More >>

VIDEO: Four Key Platforms that Power Omnichannel

Real Story Group Founder Tony Byrne identifies the four platforms that underpin omnichannel architectures in the enterprise in this clip from his presentation at Digital Experience 2019.Read More >>
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